How to improve your mental health

Let’s find some easy habits to improve your mental health. In today’s day-to-day life every individual is more focused on their career, competition, higher studies, and stable life. Everyone is busy to fulfill their dreams or some of them are just busy to fulfill their daily needs. However, by doing all this somewhere we all are losing the most important aspect of life which is peace of mind, and by the time people starting to suffer from emotional health.

There are a few symptoms that can be alarming that there is something wrong with your mental health and you need to work to improve your mental health. Check the list below

1) hypertension
2) Loss of concentration
3) sleep disorders
4) anger

So is it really difficult to keep your brain healthy by doing all the daily stressful tasks? Can we keep yourself stress-free by completing all our daily needs? The answer is YES

You just need to change some habits to improve your mental health and Below are some habits and lifestyle changes that can do wonders for your most important organ of our body.

Use your food work like medicine

Food for your brain

Yes, you heard correct you can make some changes in your diet so that it works as a medication for your brain and helps to regain your mental health.

Foods to add to your diet
1) omega 3 reach food like fish, eggs, olives, flax seeds, nuts, and healthy fats
2) green leafy foods like, kale, spinach, broccoli, etc.
3) Nuts like almond, walnuts, and pistachios

Lifestyle changes to improve brain health

Just a few changes in your daily routine can also help you to be stress-free and happy.

1) cut down your screen time: one of the main reasons why people are not able to concentrate and losing focus is using too much of gadgets like smartphones. Try to keep your phone away as much as possible. Try to use some focus apps on the phone to keep a tap on your screen time and just make a daily goal regards to phone usage. Most important keep yourself away from your screen at least one hour before going to bed.

2) try to be social but not on social media
Reaching to your loved ones is the most important and effective way to keep yourself happy and keep your worries away from you. Studies say that people who love to meet people more frequently are most Happy and live a long healthy life. Hence try to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

3) wake up early
You might have observed that In each and every religion you can see that there is the importance of waking up before the Sunrise. Hence if everyone is suggesting the same means there is some point in it. Try to start your day with the first Ray of sunshine you will see positive changes in your life within a few days.

Exercise: fill your brain with oxygen

Exercise for your brain

The best way to keep your mind fresh and healthy by sending fresh blood towards your head. And exercise is the way to improve the blood circulation in your body. Let’s talk about some exercises you can do.

1) walking
Research says that waking is the simple and more effective exercise for overall body health and most importantly for the brain. Walking will increase blood circulation in your brain and helps to reduce the cortisol level in your mind which is the stress hormone accused of increasing the stress level in your head. Walking also helps to increase the serotonin in your body which is useful to reduce stress and anxiety.

2) skipping rope
Skipping rope is the best way to increase your heartbeat without going outdoor. If you have less time and want to increase blood circulation then skipping rope is the best way to go with. It will help you to boost your stamina as well as concentration.

3) cardio
All our purpose for exercises is mainly to boost stamina and increase the blood circulation so that each vein of our body gets filled with new blood. Cardio will do the same in just a few minutes.

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Don’t shy away from meditation and yoga

meditation to improve brain health

If anything from above disappoints you our you feel that you are not getting the desired result, or it is not helping you to improve your mental health, then yoga and meditation will be the rescue. Just a few minutes of meditation and breathing exercises can do wonders for your emotional health. It is true that you should learn before doing any meditation however you can start with simple deep breathing exercises that can be learned on YouTube. Below are some complex breathing exercises

1) anulom vilom
2) bhramari
3)  ujjayee

Few yoga poses to empower your brain.

1) shirshasana ( headstand)
2) uthanpadasana ( leg raised up to the wall)
3) setubandhasana ( bridge pose)

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Take the help of ayurvedic herbs

There are many classical medicinal herbs that are proven to be effective for your nervous system. Many people are using it and getting benefits with no side effects. The best part of ayurvedic medicines is that it not only help you to increase your nervous system but also it will help you to gain overall health. However, it should be used under the guidance of an herbal practitioner and as a last option.

Let’s have look at some well-known herbs for your mind

1) Brahmi
2) ashwagandha
3) tagara
4) jatamasi

Always best to control your weight

It is always best to check on your weight as this also can be a factor related to your brain health. as we all know that the increased weight can invite diseases and if your body is not healthy then how can your mind will be in peace.

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And last but not least is talk to your doctor if you find that it is getting out of control.

Let’s get to conclusions, everyone is busy to improve their beauty, some are more concerned regarding their physical health but everyone is ignoring the most important organ of our body which is the headmaster and controls all our body. Try to improve your emotional health so that you can achieve more and beat the competition with your improved intelligence. 

You start working on your brain health and your brain will start working towards your success in return 🙂